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  • With a teaser website, Pawn Takes Pawn, social media activity from Treyarch, and a ridiculous amount of clues within Warzone, the CoD community began unlocking bunkers and rooms, assembling codes, and deciphering what is a six-day easter egg hunt.
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  • The second Call of Duty: Warzone bunker is found at the B5 quadrant on the battle royale map, but it's not in any named location. The code to open the bunker door is as follows: 87624851.
  • Call of Duty Warzone Bunker locations explained. Bunkers are blocked off with large, seemingly inaccessible doors. These, alongside phones and laptop computers which you can interact with across the map, have pointed to further secrets in Warzone which players are slowly beginning to unravel.
  • [2889337/3028436] [Call of Duty - Warzone]: Freestyle does not work. roundturtle File must be at least 160x160px and less than 600x600px. ... B5 Bunker Code - How To ...

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    Oct 16, 2020 · Red Card Bunkers. open Bunker 00 (D9) With A Red Access Card. The bunker found at D9 is down the cliffs just below the houses that overlook the water on the south side ... open Bunker 4 (D2) With A Red Access Card. open Bunker 5 (E3) With A Red Access Card. open Bunker 6 (H3) With A Red Access Card. ...

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    Dieser Code soll auf einen Bunker hinweisen, der sich auf B5 der Verdansk-Map befindet. Der Bunker kann von Spielern mit dem Code 87624851 geöffnet werden. Doch es gibt noch weitere Teaser-Tapes,...

    Dieser Code soll auf einen Bunker hinweisen, der sich auf B5 der Verdansk-Map befindet. Der Bunker kann von Spielern mit dem Code 87624851 geöffnet werden. Doch es gibt noch weitere Teaser-Tapes,...

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    Aug 15, 2020 · Im Display des Videorekoreders sehen wir neue Koordinaten und einen Keycode – WZ B5-87624851. Er führt uns nun zu Bunker 5. Im inneren des Bunkers befinden sich neue Dokumente und Kryptische Ziffern. U.a. WH6. N2406. Wie genau das zusammen gehört, ist noch unklar. Morgen um 18 Uhr wird es weiter gehen.

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    Nov 29, 2020 The newest Easter Egg you can solve in Warzone requires a lot of work but also Warzone Junkyard Bunker is near the airplane graveyard www.earlygame.com Warzone bunker codes b5 Warzone codice di accesso per aprire il Bunker B5 di Junkyard e la stanza segreta di Farmland F6 Easter egg rilasciati da Activision che svela come accedere ...

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    CoD: Warzone Interactive Loot Map. Find high loot zones, supply boxes, cash spawns, buy stations, vehicles, & easter eggs! CoD: Warzone Interactive Loot Map. [Work in Progress].

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Aug 20, 2020 · Head to B5 on the Warzone map; The bunker is located next to Bunker 2, located to south-west of Boneyard (north of Bunker 1) between the Comms Tower and Wind Farm; Enter the code 87624851