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  • Jun 25, 2008 · Today i picked up a th350 with the 9" long tail shaft housing. Is it easy to change out to the 6" tail shaft housing or would it be easier to just get a shorter drive shaft made up? Jun 25, 2008 #2
This kit includes (1) 2Wd Tail Housing to Transmission Seal (1) 2WD Extension Housing Bushing (1) Extension Housing Drive Shaft Seal. Rear extension housing seal kit works with GM Turbo 350, 700R4 and 4L60E 2-wheel drive automatic transmissions.

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These companies offer adapters to help with installing a transmission to a specific engine. Please contact us to submit a product or kit.. Use at your own risk. These are adapters I have come across while researching for articles.
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  • Qverdrive NP 241 Transfer Case, 700R4 Transmission ... Ford M5R1 Tail Housing Bushing; ... 4x4 Non-W/C, Full Size Getrag Call see if we have a good take out (used ...
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    Teflon Tail Housing Bushing Fits GM Transmissions: 4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 700R4, 350, 700R4 Year: 1982-Up All of our new parts are either OEM or OEM quality. They’ve been used industry wide for many years We value your business.

    Hey all, Just wondering where I can find a tail housing and output shaft for a 4x4 ZF 6 speed? I got quoted wholesale/fleet prices at the dealer and they want ~$300 for the tail housing and ~$400 for the output shaft. For a little bit more i could probably just buy a whole used 6 speed! Anyone...

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    1986-92 Firebird, Trans Am 700r4 (4L60) Automatic Transmission with TV Cableout of stock. Looks great. Looks great. 1988-92 Firebird V6 700r4 Automatic Transmission with TV Cable $195 .

    Here you will find a full guide about the specifications, identification and other information about the 700r4 transmission. So you are looking for information and specs of the 700r4 transmission on the web? So was I, and I couldn't find any useful or relevant information about this common transmission.

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    Roadmarks, Bowtie overdrives sells a kit that will adapt a 700R4 to work with a Holley, it works well. I have one on my 86 Chevy K/10 4x4 Pickup with a 454 & Holley truck Avenger carb.. I put the kit in about 5 years ago & havent had a problem since. They also sell the kit to make the lock up converter work.

    This kit is designed for 2WD or 4WD 700R-4 / 4L60 / 4L60E manufactured thru 1996. The overall case length of the transmission is 23.375", has a non-removable bell housing, and a 4 bolt square rear case. Late model 4L60E automatics will have a removable bell housing and a 6 bolt hex pattern rear case.

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    Units do not come with tail housing. Please specify number of teeth on output shaft where applicable. For the AODE and 4R70W transmissions, please specify engine size and number of bolts that mount the starter. On the modular motors, we need to know if HIGH OUTPUT or not.

    Simply put is it easy to swap the (I believe its called) tail housing to make a 2wd trans work on a 4x4 truck? My little issue... the trans went out in my dually and winters here... snows on the I found a local trans that's been pulled for a cummins swap. The only problem is its a 2wd trans and I have a 4x4 truck.

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    The 4x4 house is a private residential house designed by the Japanese architect Ando Tadao and located in Tarumi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, on the coast of the Inland Sea in Japan. The 4x4 house plan was built in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin earthquake.

    The 4x4 house is a private residential house designed by the Japanese architect Ando Tadao and located in Tarumi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, on the coast of the Inland Sea in Japan. The 4x4 house plan was built in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin earthquake.

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    The 700R4 had an electric speedo from 1988 on i know for sure.. But yes a 305, and 700R4 is a 3/4 ton sounds about right i have seen a few ext cab 2wd 3/4tons running about with 4.3Ls and autos in them.. The 4L60, and 80Es werent available till 1993-1994 from my understanding.

    If a 700r 4 speed ,Pull the cover for the governor (should have a wire clip over it,like a master cyl clip ,kinda) It's just pressed into the housing. A small amount of fluid will leak out. Just grab the governor by the end and pull it out ,The gear on the end is plactic,if it's "applecored" the governor can't work.

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    The stock GM 700R is 1.875. The stock GM 700R is 1.875" longer than the TH350 transmission. This adapter spacer when used with a 6" tailhousing 2WD TH350 (15.5" O.A.L. output shaft length) should provide a direct replacement for the 700R transmission.

    Up for sale is a used tailshaft or output shaft out of a Rainbow Case 700r4 4x4 transmission. Happy Hunting! 700R4 4x4 Tail Output Shaft 4WD 13 1/4 Inch Chevy GMC Blazer Silverado Rainbow | eBay

Ready-to-Install 700R4 Transmission Tail Housing 2WD w/ Bottom Mount 8642233 ...
We handle new, used, and rebuilt repair parts for automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, 4wd transfer cases & AWD transfer cases found in most domestic & import cars, 2wd & 4x4 trucks, & SUVs. Chevy Corvette 700R4 4L60E Extension Tail Housing with New Seal & Bush 8642316.
Extension housing is used for rear-wheel drive transmissions. Frequently, transmission manufacturers include the overdrive package into the extension housing. It is possible that with 5R110W 4X4 HOUSING OUTPUT SHAFT CONVERSION TAIL EXTENSION TRANSMISSION FORD you also need other 5R110W parts:
If it's 4x4, does it have a tailshaft housing? Seems to me the tailshaft housing is only for a 2wd for the slipyoke to go into. On a 4x4 isn't the transfercase bolted directly to the transmission case? Yes the Tranny is bolted to the Transfer Case and there is a small tailshaft housing bolted to the Transfer Case for the slipyoke to go into.